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Globalization and Internet (全球化/Internet)

The drawing vividly unfolds …(Describe the picture描述图画)

This phenomenon which this picture points out is one of numerous international phenomena to have become common and already attracted broad attention in the world in recent years. Globalization/Internet, in brief, makes the whole world a small village. Globalization/Internet offers extensive opportunities for every country in the world to develop their economy, improve their regime, enrich their culture, update their technology and so forth, but globalization/Internet is a two-edged sword: it can bring both benefit and harm. (Present state/situation现象描述+ /Meaning含义)


We must first understand the nature of the problem. On the one hand, globalization/Internet offers extensive opportunities for every country in the world. On the other hand, One of the most controversial aspects of globalization/Internet is the global spread and dominance of American culture.


I have some suggestions about dealing with this problem. First and foremost, Globalization/Internet can bring benefit. In the past twenty years, in the process of globalization and explosive development of the Internet, China has brought about rapid economic growth, sustained social progress and continuous betterment of people's living standard, so we should accept. Secondly, it can also bring harm. China has been experiencing the collapse of own traditional virtue in the process.

In summary, I am deeply convinced that she, a nation which has civilization for 5,000 years, never loses any good things, physical, intellectual, or moral, till she finds a better substitute, and then the loss is a gain. (Suggestion+conclusion建议+结束语)






Good morning, ladies and gentlemen: I’m contestant No.***, and today, my topic is “I want to show China to the world.” First, I’m going to tell you a story about a foreign friend that I usually communicate with by writing emails. In one of the emails he said that, many of his colleagues thought China as a remote, mysterious country in the far-east world where everyone was trained to be an excellent kong-fu master! That shocked me so deeply that I wanted to clear their misunderstanding of China, deepen their thought and expand their horizons. I suggested that he and his colleagues should have a trip to China and see some cities like Shenzhen for themselves. I also sent some photos of my family, of Shenzhen and the photos I took while I was travelling in China. Before long, I received his reply. He told me that after seeing the photos I sent him, he had totally changed his ideas towards China. The modern skyscrapers, the wide roads, the fast-moving cars, the large variety of goods in the supermarkets….These photos really amazed him. He said that China was just poles apart from what he thought. “I would like to go to China and see those views myself!” he exclaimed. Yes. During the rapid changes these years, a lot of marvelous changes have been made in China and the life of Chinese people has been improved greatly. Besides, Chinese also cooperate with others and are looking forward to make a series of achievements in many fields. The World Expo held in Shanghai is an example to illustrate this. Chinese culture, as well as its condition, is developing. China is taking a more and more vital role in the world. Let’s all take actions and show China to the world! Thank you very much! 以下是译文: 早上好,女士们,先生们:我选手No.***,今天我的题目是“我想显示,中国给世界的。首先,我要告诉你一个故事一个外国朋友说我通常与写电子邮件。 在一个的电子邮件他说,他的很多同事认为中国作为一个偏远的神秘之国在远东世界,那里的每个人都被训练成一名优秀的kong-fu 的主人!那使我感到震惊之深使我想清楚中国他们的误会,深化他们的思想和扩大他们的视野。 我建议他和他的同事们应该有一个到中国旅行并且看到一些城市如深圳,为自己。我也照样差我家人的相片,深圳和我拍的照片时,我正在在中国旅行。 不久,我收到了他的答复。他告诉我,在看到照片我就差遣人去见他,他已经完全改变了他的想法把矛头指向中国。现代摩天大楼、广阔的道路,快速移动的汽车,品种繁多的货物…超市。这些照片真了不起。他说,中国经济刚刚谋求从他的思想。 “我想去中国,看看那些观点的我自己!”他叫道。 是的。在这些年来的飞速变化,许多奇妙的变化,在中国制造和中国人民的生活得到了较大的改善。此外,中国还与他人合作,期待做一系列的研究成果在许多领域。在上海举行的世界博览会有个例子可以说明了这一点。 中国文化,以及其使用状况,正处于发展阶段。中国是担了越来越重要的作用,在世界上。让我们一起采取行动和显示,中国给世界。 非常感谢你。 如果这篇不行的话,我找了一篇: Good day, everyone. My name is Xxx, I am a Chinese high school student from XX High School. Today my topic is about my mother country-China. As everybody knows, China is one of the four ancient countries that spread the human culture. I believe that everyone has to admit that. The traditional culture is so representative, for example, "Ying" and "Yang", "Confucian', the diet in China also is very famous. Every meal can be different, one simple ingredient, through the Chinese cook's hand, can be so various. For example, noodle, adding different stuff, there can be so many different delicious dish. Modern China is growing faster and faster, the World Exposition is having at Shanghai, China. The 2008 Olympic is having at the capital of China, Beijing. I, as a Chinese, proudly speak out loud about my country today, thank you for your time! 希望可以帮助你



Globalization is the best word of the last ten years. All the newspaper followed the word and politician spoke of it. And a lot of academics used it. With most of these, I don't think there is such phenomenon, or rather I don't think that what is being described globalization is effecting anything new.

In the last few years, very in the last three years perhaps, we began the held 80globalization movements. Especially since world trade organization meeting in Seattle and demonstrations we held at the time and the subsequent meetings in another part of the world most recently in January. Because I don't how many of you have known this since September eleventh event, this is two weeks ago in New York Washington. The word globalization has less disappeared from newspapers. They talk about terrorism. They talk about economic depression.

No one talks about globalization. Those people who said globalization is a good thing. Basically argue, the more free trade, the more free capital movements, there are in the world and the more economic groups will exalt, and the more economic growth. The bigger of the pie, we all have to share, and that will be more for everyone on the ground.
What is called globalization Those who struggle against globalization consider themselves anti-globalization people. They argue almost the opposed. They said that the increased of all transitions has a cure social cost, at least at the cline of the community type. At least is an instruction to the traditional safety net. But also an addiction to this is the increasingly to the prorisation of the world economy. And economy prorisation is also social prorisation and it's democratic social prorisation. So centrally we have a contract thing between those who think it's getting better and better and those who think it's getting worse and worse. And they don't agree a draw on an analysis of what is affected it. What is general mention by those who use this term It is two things. One is the fact that is a support for the first time. And it ignored this decree of the. That is basically of goods and of capital, not of labor, but goods and capital. This is p believe according to a decree never before known sensitively. And the second thing that people tend to mean by globalization.

http://www.2635.com.cn/83/.html 这里有一PDF文件可供下载




global competition

Is a new world order in the making? The answer: yes. Up to now, only about 20% of the world's people have attained solid development, growth, and modernity. Now the rest are catching up at an unprecedented speed. This sudden surge in so many late developers suggests a brave new world in the making.

Several Key Changes

Huge changes are happening, within a vastly expanded sphere for all people and nations. We can identify four in particular.

First, wealth making through instrialization and commercialization has become a universal thing. For a long time, procts made in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany dominated global markets. Today, procts made in China, Mexico, Vietnam, and Indonesia, among other developing nations, are increasingly flooding the world, changing the global proction map again.

Behind this changing map, interestingly, many poor nations have rapidly taken on active roles in the global economy. But their biggest weapon remains low-cost labor, which provides a working platform for cooperation and sharing between the rich and poor nations.

Today, most developing nations are extremely limited in resources and strengths. Hence, for them, this cost gap is a survival gap. In fact, other than cheap labor and hard work, they have few advantages. However, it turns out that low labor cost and hard work do make a difference.

For now, manufacturing activities, especially in the low end of the value chains, increasingly shift to the poor nations, while the developed nations focus more and more on a service and high-tech-oriented economy. This giant change, though only beginning, will impact the future world economy even more.

Second, all regional markets are connected to each other. Interdependence is opening up the old national boundaries dramatically. Most profoundly, the flows of capital, technology, goods, and people have reached a new level. Moving from survival of the fittest to rational collaboration and sharing, life on the earth will never be the same again.

Third, wealth making has gained a record-high status. Consequently, old ideology is lost to the new economic waves. This is a truly golden age for capitalists anywhere, who can reach all corners of the world for the first time in human history.

是一个新的世界秩序的过程? 答案:是的。 到目前为止,只有约20%的世界人民获得了牢固的发展、增长、和现代化。 其他地区现在已赶上以前所未有的速度。 这麽多晚突然增加的发展商建议的勇敢新世界中作出的。
正在发生巨大的变化,在一个领域大大扩大为所有国家和人民。 我们可以确定四个特别是。
第一,财富使通过工业化和商业化已经成为一个具有普遍意义的东西。 长期以来,产品在联合王国、美国和德国,主宰全球市场。 今天,中国制造的产品、墨西哥、越南、印度尼西亚、在其他发展中国家,正越来越多地水浸的世界,不断变化的全球生产再次地图。
这一变化背后地图,有趣的是,许多穷国已迅速采取积极的作用对在全球经济。 但他们最大的武器仍然是低成本劳动力,这提供了一个工作平台,以合作和分享富国和穷国之间。
今天,大多数发展中国家都极为有限的资源和力量。 因此,对他们来说,这一费用差距是一个生存差距。 事实上,其他较廉价劳工和勤奋工作,他们有几个优势。 然而,原来,劳动力成本低和艰苦的工作是有影响的。
现在,制造业活动,特别是在低端的价值链,日益转移到穷国,而发达国家把重点更多和更多的服务和高科技为主的经济。 这一巨大变化,尽管只是开始,将会影响未来世界经济的更多。
第二,所有的区域市场是相互连接。 相互依存是开放的旧国家边界急剧增加。 最深刻、流动方面的资本、技术、商品、和人民达到了新的水平。 从适者生存的合作和交流,合理,生活在地球也永远不会是原来的样子。
第三,财富作出了记录很高的地位。 因此,旧思想是失去了对新经济浪潮。 这真的是一个黄金年龄的任何地方资本家,谁能达到对世界所有角落首次在人类历史。